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  • The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves {William Hazlitt}


The goal of this website is to present the latest educational and informative materials with regards to the social maladies widespread in the society, which include human rights violations, substance abuse, HIV and AIDS, the plight of the street children, domestic violence, the plight of the refugees and poverty among others.

Our goal is to present awareness, education and preventative measures by preparing our weekly television programs with documentaries, public service announcements, and by inviting specialists in the areas of interest to share their analysis and their recommendations to empower the society to fight the social maladies of interest.

We encourage our countrymen to send us any footage and images pertaining to the above mentioned social maladies so as to take an active part in revealing the realities of the plights the society has been plagued with.

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I believe that the issue of substance abuse and drugs in general, stem from socio-economic and especially political roots; many governments and world powers are profiting from drug trafficking since the revenues involved exceeds those from the sale of artillery and weapons. Sadly, we not only fear stating the truth, we are more afraid of hearing it.